Monday, April 27, 2015

My Weeks In Stitches - The Easter Sweater Continues

When you are creating over 9 inches worth of stockinette, it can be hard to gauge your actual progress. The conversation in my head goes like, "This is going to be the  rest of my life, don't measure, you'll just get discouraged, okay now you can measure, holy cow only 1/2 inch left!" Yes, at the end of Friday night I only needed to knit 6 more rows on the front drape, then 4 shoulder-shaping rows, then a joining round, then 3 or 4 rows of ribbing (depending on how it looked and how tired I was) then I would be DONE.  With the body and ready to start the sleeves.

Saturday was a stay home and clean kind of day, and normally I would have the kids clean their rooms and hide in mine and knit. But this time I actually did something about the clutter I'd accumulated  (why do I keep so many plastic bags!)  I feel a little better about the state of my space - I cleared out my reading/writing/study corner again. It has to stay this way LOL  But I still managed to make progress and by Sunday afternoon I had finished the body and everything! Sunday night I started the sleeves!
knitting the sleeves for my cardigan

I really hope to wear this thing to church next Sunday - stay tuned!

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